Girls Varsity Soccer against Burlington Central


By Grace Helzer

This past Tuesday Huntley High School’s girls varsity soccer team played their last conference game of the season against Burlington Central. With this being the last home game of the season, it was a night dedicated to honoring the team’s seniors. 

Prior to kick off, the entire varsity team, excluding the seniors, decided to decorate the stadium with heartwarming decorations to honor their fellow teammates. A large heart made entirely of red solo cups was displayed on the bleachers along with a sign that said “SENIORS.” As the seniors and spectators entered the stadium, signs of the senior players with their pictures were displayed on the fence along with balloons and ribbons. 

The girls on the varsity soccer team took it upon themselves to assign each non-senior player a senior to create a decorative poster along with a goodie bag. Posters included pictures of players from when they were younger, soccer related achievements, and cute stickers. 

10 minutes before kick off, the seniors were given sashes and were met by their parents each with roses. The announcer of the game introduced each individual senior and mentioned where they will be attending college in the fall. 

Before everyone knew it, it was time for kick off. This was of course when the rainy weather started to pick up from a steady spit to a more vigorous pour. 

The girls held their own the first half, walking off with a 0-0 tie. However, a switch was flipped in the second half and Huntley’s very own senior, Ashley Donselaar scored a quick goal early on in the half. 

The team was able to maintain the lead up until the last minute and 28 seconds, in which a goal was scored by Burlington Central. 

Momentum was quickly picked up by the girls soccer team and shots were taken left and right. The intensity in the stadium was contagious. The student section was cheering on the girls right up until the whistle blew, signalling an over time. 

After two 10-minute halves of overtime in a downpour of rain, the girls varsity soccer team walked off with a 1-1 tie with the second place team in the conference. 

“[They] played very well. Overall, it was a really good team effort. Everyone tried their best and worked their hardest and that’s all we can ask for,” senior Annabel Johnson said. 

There were many saves and a few scores throughout the game but most saves were produced by the goalie, Nova Rothlisberger. 

“Tonight we really played well. We worked as a team and really used long balls that were played in the air in the final third to get some great scoring opportunities,” Rothlisberger said. 

Overall, the girls varsity soccer team played an amazing game against Burlington Central this past Tuesday. The senior night festivities were heartwarming and students and spectators are looking forward to how the girls will perform in their next game this Thursday, fighting for the conference title.