Latest season of “You” makes the two year wait worth it for fans

Despite the disappointment of season 2, “You” comes back stronger than ever in its’ most recent season


“Gossip Girl” actor Penn Badgley shows a different side in his role as the murderous Joe Goldberg in “You.” (Gordan Correll/CC BY-SA 2.0)

By Maggie Kirwin

Almost two years after season two was released, Netflix’s original series “You” reemerged for a third season on Oct. 15. After the thrilling ending of season two, fans were patiently waiting for another jam-packed season of the killer drama.

The season picks up right where it left off, with the newlywed murderers Joe Quinn-Goldberg, portrayed by Penn Badgley from “Gossip Girl,” and Love Quinn-Goldberg, played by Victoria Pedretti of “The Haunting of Hill House,” are now living their new life in Madre Linda, a San Francisco suburb. The couple is navigating their new suburban lives while trying to handle being new parents.

Joe decides to leave his days of being a stalker behind him so he could be a good father for his son, Henry, and a good husband to Love. Everything seems to be going well until he meets his new neighbor Natalie, played by Michalea McManus from “The Block Island Summer,” who decides to start flirting with him. 

The two develop an emotional relationship, but Joe calls things off before they get serious because of Love. Love finds out about Joe and Natalie’s relationship so she takes matters into her own hands by killing Natalie. And so, the first killing of the season began.

While the second season was somewhat disappointing compared to the first, the third is better than both. The real star of the season was Love who proved to be even more of a psycho. Love gets mad at Joe for having an affair despite being involved with Natalie’s stepson, Theo, played by “After” actor Dylan Arnold. 

While the season was enticing, the show could be a little less repetitive. “You” clearly has a pattern of introducing a new character, only to be killed off in the next episode. However, it is understandable given the premise of the show.

While the entire season was amazing, the last episode proved what a good show “You” is. The shocking twists and turns left watchers on the edge of their seats and ready for another season. Thankfully, the series was already renewed for a fourth season, so watchers do not need to fear it will be canceled. 

Whether you are an avid fan or looking for a new thriller, season three of “You” will leave you wanting more.