Biology teacher and environmentalist


S. Mcguine

Marsh in his classroom inspecting a petri dish.

By Shane McGuine

In the corner of the room, cans are piled together to later be recycled. Ryan Marsh, Biology teacher, takes cans from his recycling and trash bins to collect them so they can be recycled later. Recycling at the high school is not the best, so Marsh feels the need to do something about it.
“[The school is] so large, we should be more responsible,” Marsh said.
In many classrooms, there are shortages of recycling bins causing people to throw things in the regular trash bins.
“It’s amazing how recycling cuts down on your waste,” Marsh said.
Being more responsible when it comes to recycling is a trait that everyone should know, especially when we are at such a big school. Recycling would really help the school in a major way.
“I bounce ideas off of him because he has always been passionate about collecting cans and sending them out to be recycled,” Silvana Shawil, head of the Environmental Club said.
In the Environment Club, they are trying to help the school in waste management and make it a better place for students. In her room, Shawil has bins that correlate to different types of categories of things to recycle.
Once a week the club collects cans, plastic bottles, and more to sort them and take them for recycling. They have also bought more recycling bins for the school and have put them in the entrances and exits. However, what matters the most is the students actively choosing to recycle instead of just throwing their bottles in the regular trash.
“We need to be aware when throwing things out,” Marsh said.
Currently, there are around 30 members in the Environmental Club and they meet every Thursday. The students are also very good about participating in events that are run by the club, such as clean-ups and more.
“Every week or so we are getting more people to join,” Shawil said.
The pandemic halted the club’s progress with getting more people, especially since it is only 3 years old.
Other than being an avid environmentalist, Marsh is an exceptional teacher. His class is different from most, due to the welcoming and positive environment that he has created.
“He cares about his class and prepares good and fun lessons,” said Leylani Mendoza, a student in his Honors Biology class.
Marsh’s classes are very enjoyable and high-energy. Many of his students have fun during the class and look forward to it daily.