POV of school fights

The frequent fights in school need to stop

Where the first school fight took place this school year.

Jasmine Thompson

Where the first school fight took place this school year.

By Jasmine Thompson

Many people do not think about the long-term effects of their short-lived actions. It is simply human nature. People will often find ways to satisfy themselves from the pain they feel and try to do it in the easiest way possible like fighting and hurting one another or even themselves without thinking about the long-term consequences afterward.

Since the beginning of this school year, there have been several fights; for some students, it is a one-time incident, but for others, it is repeated. However, all have been disciplined the same way. These fights have occurred for many different reasons. Sometimes it is considered as serious, other times it is for dull-witted reasons, but all come to the same conclusion of discipline depending on the severity of each fight. 

“For all students involved in a fight, it will be followed with all [students being] punished,” the school’s campus resource officer, Officer Gregorio said. But on the other hand, there needs to be an understanding of why it gets to this point. 

Michael Bradley, a campus supervisor at HHS expressed how he personally has been involved with two fights this school year. 

“It is inevitable that it is going to happen, especially when you have this many people in one building,” Bradley said, “The only real concern would be someone getting truly injured but arguments do happen.” He also wants people to remember the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on students moving back to a school environment.

Junior Cynthia Weiglein does not fully agree or have that same understanding with the school fights. 

“Students are supposed to feel safe and enjoy the school, but when other students are constantly fighting each other over the dumbest things, it makes school unenjoyable as well as annoying,” Weiglein said.

It is clear that everyone has a different viewpoint on why school fights play out and why they happen. However, I think everyone can come to the same judgment that these fights should not be occurring at school in the first place.