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Staff require students to scan into the Hub with safety in mind

Scanners in the Hub go unused

Students must take scanning in procedures seriously due to contact tracing and safety measures
By Rae Habel
November 25, 2021

Huntley High School has a place called the Hub and it is open to all students. “The Hub is our multimedia learning center. It is no longer just a...

Where the first school fight took place this school year.

POV of school fights

The frequent fights in school need to stop
By Jasmine Thompson
November 1, 2021

Many people do not think about the long-term effects of their short-lived actions. It is simply human nature. People will often find ways to satisfy themselves...

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Students should be able to each lunch in their cars

By Zaina Mohammed
March 24, 2021

Hybrid learning is an option a great amount of Huntley High School students have chosen to partake in for a while now. However, some students are wondering...

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