Scanners in the Hub go unused

Students must take scanning in procedures seriously due to contact tracing and safety measures


R. Habel

Staff require students to scan into the Hub with safety in mind

By Rae Habel

Huntley High School has a place called the Hub and it is open to all students.

The Hub is our multimedia learning center. It is no longer just a library space but an area for quiet study, access to printing, and an area to collaborate with peers for school-based needs,” assistant principal Tom Kempf said.

It is a safe and quiet place that can be used for things like homework, studying, checking out a book, and much more. Students are welcome to come in at any time during their school day if they wish to get things done. 

“I’d describe the Hub as a quiet and peaceful place to work filled with many studious hard-working people. The Hub is a great place to go to get school work done when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed,” sophomore Jordan Lack said. 

Entering The Hub, students are required to scan in with their IDs to the scanners set up on the counter. Students have complained about this task and have been slacking in this area. They do not realize how important it truly is. 

“Students not using the scanners are very irresponsible,” freshman Charlie Condon said.  

These scanners in the Hub track who come in and out. There are also QR codes on the tables inside and outside the hub that are used for contact tracing. Students not using these scanners and codes is causing conflict. 

“The scanners allow me to monitor and locate students if a safety situation arises. That is all the scanner does for us. That way if we have to evacuate or relocate, I know who was or is in the Hub. It is important,” Kempf said. 

According to many students, they simply say that they forget to scan in with the QR codes on the lunch tables or in the Hub. They get caught up in their school day and do not remember, which is completely understandable as well. 

Students need to know that scanning in is a requirement and not an option. Safety and tracing are very serious in these times.