Freshman B football team defeats South in their last game of the season


Courtesy of A. Joob

The freshman B team lined up on the sidelines.

By Arianna Joob

A cold, windy afternoon on Oct. 25 was when the freshman B football team had their last game of the season. Parents flooded the stands with their blankets, winter coats, and warm beverages to experience the final game.

The game against Crystal Lake South was close, but Huntley defeated South 16-14. The game proved to be very back and forth between the teams.

“I have never played in a more emotional and exciting game,” middle linebacker Carter Pope said. “I didn’t think everyone was going to bring the aggression that they did, [but] everyone turned up.”

At the very beginning of the game, Huntley’s offense was able to get a touchdown with a two-point conversion, the defense helping to intercept the ball. This put them in the lead.

Although, not long after South was able to drive the ball down the middle for their first touchdown.

“First-half offense was not hot, we couldn’t convert,” wide receiver Colin Hochmuth said.

This left the scoreboard at 8-6, with Huntley winning. More attempts for both teams at scoring were made, but the second half brought more action to the game.

South was able to make a deep pass and run the ball into the endzone, scoring another touchdown with a two-point conversion and leaving the score 14-8, putting them in the lead.

“Defense was good all around, [although] I think people were starting to get tired in the second half,” Pope said.

Towards the end of the game, Huntley was able to make a comeback with a pass for the second touchdown. The score was then tied, 14-14.

“[For offense] in the second half, we brought it all together. We actually converted and were able to drive [the ball] down the field,” Hochmuth said.

As the end was getting closer, Huntley needed the two-point conversion to win the game.

“The touchdown celebration didn’t really help our cause, but it allowed us to run a cool trick play,” coach Jared Bussone said.

Through a last-second throw, they were successful. The score became 16-14 and the freshman B football team had won their last game of the season.

“This group, in particular, is always the most fun to coach because these guys love doing what they’re doing and they’re here to get better,” Coach Bussone said.