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Student Council chooses new prom venue

Cindy Fuhrer, Student Council teacher representative looks on at Prom magazines. (Omo Tseumah,Voice)

The Renaissance Convention Center Hotel will serve as this years new prom venue.

The newly chosen prom venue reached some complications, as the venue was too small to hold the growing Huntley population.

On Jan. 31, Student Council’s Prom Committee went out in search of a new venue that was large enough to hold the estimated 760 future prom attendees.

“The school keeps growing so it’s getting harder to find a venue,” said Cindy Fuhrer, Student Council’s junior class teacher representative.

Fuhrer previously looked at a handful of different venues after the problem arose. However, the small size was a constant problem.

By the end of the afternoon, the Prom Committee found a venue that provided a solution to the problem.

The Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg is an approximate 27,000 square feet, and according to the event coordinator, “Stevenson, a school of 1,000, has been coming here with no problems.”

The Renaissance provides a venue that can be utilized for a considerable amount of years, even as the school’s student size continues to grow.

This elegant venue seemed to be nearly out of reach, due to the high price that was previously offered. However, with intense negotiations and reworking, Huntley High School can now afford The Renaissance and not have to raise ticket prices higher than the previous year.

The Renaissance is planned to be Huntley High School’s prom venue for the next two years.

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