Disrespect from students to The Voice magazines


Courtesy of Martin Mendoza

Pictured after students threw The Voice magazines into the toilet.

By Sandra Skiba

It’s no secret that the disrespect that has been going on surrounding The Voice has gotten out of hand. Magazines are being thrown around, stolen, shoved into toilets, left on the ground, and even ripped apart. Many students watch it happen or could care less that it is happening, but others feel the disrespect.

The Voice purchased stands to display the magazines in different areas of the school. It should be an easier way for students to access articles and news from the magazine, but instead, it has turned into a reason for students to steal and throw around the hard work members of The Voice put in. 

“There’s no point in stealing the magazines, a lot of people put their work into designing [covers] and writing the articles, don’t you have better [things] to do in your life instead of destroying things that aren’t yours?” junior Samantha Fox said. 

The Voice works to create a better environment for the school and students, as a voice for the student body. Writing articles about serious topics and expressing problems amongst the community are goals that The Voice pushes for.

“I think it’s disrespectful, especially considering some of the stories [they write about] and how hard people work to write that,” senior Harmony Harrison said.

Even with many students destroying the magazines from The Voice that make this school a better place, the work does not go unnoticed by other students who read these magazines and appreciate the issues tackled in them.

“Students put in countless hours to write these articles and they put themselves out there. That’s something you should be proud of and then kids just throw them into the toilet,” junior Norah Garrity said.

With this ongoing problem, it is hard to find a solution that will permanently help The Voice speak for the student body, but also avoid the destruction of the work put into it.

“Preventing stuff like this is going to be really hard unless it’s all online, I think it’ll be hard to put into a kid’s brain that you shouldn’t be destroying things,” Fox said.

The disrespect that students now have after quarantine is beyond ridiculous and should be addressed. The Voice puts in the work and effort for Huntley High School. Something needs to change.