Double Standard in a Flash

The famous Ezra Miller is being demanded out of their present and future Warner Bros. roles


CC BY-SA 2.0

Ezra Miller at a panel for their role in the Flash.

By Samantha Webb

“Losing it,” is how staff on the set of The Flash described actor Ezra Miller. They play one of the four famous speedsters on the show. Having multiple meltdowns during filming, it has come to audiences with no shock that they have been in legal trouble more than once. A parallel between the recent lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has fans demanding their actions be rid of consequences. However, Warner Bros. refuses to give specificity. 

“We’re looking at options,” Warner Bros. said to a famous YouTuber who had started asking questions. 

Miller became agitated at a bar in Hilo, Hawaii when a couple was singing karaoke. They grabbed the microphone from the woman, then lunged at a guy playing darts. Later that Monday morning, they were arrested on disorderly conduct and harassment. It does not stop there. Almost a day later, they were released on bail and ventured to the hotel room and stormed in, threatening to commit arson. They’re accused of stealing a passport and a wallet that included a social security card, driver’s license, and bank cards. 

“Ezra is famous and wealthy; this makes access to weapons much easier as well as sending associates to harass the petitioner,” The restraining order said. 

Since March 7, in Hilo, Miller has had 10 separate police calls for minor incidents like filming people and arguing on the street. Back in April of 2020, Miller was filmed choking a woman outside of a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. People behind the camera were attempting to diffuse the situation as they slammed the woman to the ground. 

The video surfaced just recently alongside their actions in Hawaii and fans are heated, especially considering the lack of consequences in the film industry. Warner Bros. did call for an emergency meeting, however they have only decided to temporarily halt future projects whilst continuing their recent ones. 

 With another famous lawsuit, a theory of double standards rises up in social media. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are suing each other for defamation of character. Heard was able to continue her role in Aquaman 2 but Depp was cut off from his Warner Bros. role in Fantastic Beasts. After her initial accusation of abuse and sexual assault, the media was behind her. 

She was then exposed for copying another victim’s sexual assualt story, and pictures revealed multiple events of Depp with bruises littered over his face. Depp says that Heard is the aggressor. Her ex-girlfriend has also accused Amber of abuse which causes social media to question her logic and break down Heard’s case. However, Heard has yet to receive any consequences from Warner Bros. with this still rising evidence against her. 

Even with evidence against the historically aggressive Miller and Heard, their actions have had no effect on their film reputation or job worthiness. However, Depp was left in the dirt by Warner Bros. So, if one gets consequences, they all should. Ezra Miller should be replaced; they are not a role model nor should they continue acting.