One last performance

Stepping into the shoes of Maddie Satkowski and her final musical.

Satkowski prepares for her final musical at Huntley High School.

Courtesy of Maddie Satkowski

Satkowski prepares for her final musical at Huntley High School.

By Jessica Smith

As the last week of musical rehearsals sneaks around the corner, senior Maddie Satkowski tapes the mic to her face, gets into costume, and runs through her lines. She stares off into the empty auditorium seats, and suddenly the reality of it all finally sets in: in one week, this will be her last time upon this familiar stage.

After 4 years of being part of the music programs provided here at the high school, Satkowski finally has reached the end. During her time at Huntley she took part in: Mamma Mia, Sister Act, Anything Goes, Songs for a New World, and now Addam’s Family. All of these musicals brought some sort of comfort into her life.

“The musical community has brought so much compassion into my high school experience. At times it can be stressful, but it’s so worth it. This is where I met all of my friends, as all of them are in musicals or part of music in some way or another,” Satkowski said.

Being involved in musicals leaves Satkowski with friends who are everlasting. The cast shows so much love and support to each other, no matter how much pressure is on them.

“She is so unbelievably sweet. And no matter how stressed she is, she brings such a positive attitude to rehearsals. She really is one of the most smiley people I have ever met,” senior Kendall Elrod said.

Leaving this familiar agenda leaves Satkowski with mixed emotions. But  the music programs provide encouragement for all musical students to continue their music journeys, and that’s exactly what Satkowski plans on doing. 

“I’m going to try to join at least a small choir in college. If not I will do something music related in some way, shape, or form. Music is something that I simply cannot live without,” Satkowski said.

Like many other musical students here, Satkowski spends most of her school day in the choir room. She spends hours at a time practicing, being the best she possibly can for both herself, and for opening night.

“Her dedication to music and musicals is actually insane. The first time I heard her sing, I was blown away. I have loved seeing her confidence in her voice grow more and more throughout high school,” senior Lizzy Simmons said.

The stage is somewhat like a home for Satkowski, as most of her high school memories were born during performances. Being on stage is something that she will never forget the feel of.

  “The lights are so comforting, you feel like you’re the only one on stage, but when you look over you see the cast members that you have gone through this whole entire process with. Then, when you take that last bow you hear the roaring applause of the audience. It’s such an unreal feeling,” Satkowski said.

For a majority of seniors, the reality of their final days here at Huntley has set in, leaving an unforgiving sadness roaming the halls. And for Satkowski, when the curtain closes, and the applause falls silent, her musical journey will end at Huntley, but will continue wherever the stage may lead her.