Home run for the varsity softball season

Varsity softball brings in another win for the season.


The team warming up before they start their game against Jacobs.

By Maria Loiseau

In less than preferred weather conditions, the varsity softball team fights through wind and rain as they prepare for their game against Jacobs. But these girls did not care about the weather, instead, they were just happy to play after many rescheduled games.

For the varsity softball team, the season has been nothing but great for them over the course of their games.

“We’ve been competitive in every game we’ve played in so far this season, and the ultimate goal is to be one of the last ones standing at the end of the season,” Coach Mark Petryniec said. 

Before the game even started the team was warming up with Petryniec, and it was not long before they were ready to go.

With no more than a few friends or family members cheering them on, the girls had a lot of team spirit; enough to carry their way to victory throughout the game. The team started off strong with Jori Heard, being their first hitter, and hitting the ball home for the first point of the game. Katie Mitchell brought in the next point shortly after, totaling 2 points in the first 5 minutes. 

After the first inning, the score was 2-0 with Huntley in the lead. Zoe Doherty brought in the first point of the second inning and kicked off a strong start. By the end of the second inning, the score was 10-0 with Huntley still in the lead.

Finally, by the fourth inning, the game was over with Huntley ultimately winning with a score of 20-0. With this score, Huntley completely defeated their competition leading to yet another win of the season.

“I’m just happy that our team pulled through especially with this weather, this is definitely not whether you should be playing in for softball,” senior Reese Hunkins said. 

During the team’s off time, there were some players who were helping one another out by practicing pitching, hitting and more. The team morale is clearing high with the girl constantly cheering one another on through the home runs, strikes, outs, and balls.

“For future games, I hope we see some of our bats coming alive, and coming together as a team, and everyone just getting along,” Doherty said.

The season for the varsity softball team is going amazing, and it is only expected to go up from here.