Varsity boys lacrosse brings home another victory

A strong offense was the key to success

By Lindsay Schaffter

On Friday April 22, the varsity boys lacrosse team defeated Prairie Ridge. Huntley won 16-6 with the first goal made by number 23, Cole Copersmet. Taking the first half of game, Huntley scored 8-3 with few penalties given. 

As the first quarter of the game started, the stands were filled about halfway; yet you can still hear the loud cheering of the crowd.

There was only one timeout called in the first quarter with 2:06 left on the clock as the coach spoke words of encouragement to the team. 

The first quarter ended strongly with three goals scored by Huntley and only one yellow penalty flag thrown in the air. 

“We controlled the game pretty early,” Coach Dominic Saccomanno said. “When the team started gaining confidence, it opened up the game for us.” 

The second quarter started with a goal being scored by Prairie Ridge and a timeout called with 7:06 left. As more time went on, both teams scored faster and played harder with every pass and catch of the ball. A total of eight goals were scored, five from Huntley and three from Prairie Ridge, all within the second quarter. 

Both teams separated and the sound announcing half time was heard. As the 10 minutes began, many either joined the crowd to watch the game, or left as it was beginning to get dark outside. Huntley began practicing and stretching, some even going to see their parents in the stands. 

The other team chugged some water and huddled up to talk about different plays and footwork to try. 

At the end of the 10 minutes, both teams cheered and chanted words of encouragement for each other while preparing to resume the game.

“As long as the energy around you is positive, then your quality of playing will be way better,” midfielder Liam Manning said.

With the pair of teams head to head and determined, they started the third quarter. The ball flew up in the air with the crowd yelling and cheering for their team to get the ball. Huntley scored the next goal before the ball could even be cradled by a stick and the other defense could block them off. 

The night got colder and players got increasingly tired, but they didn’t let that stop them from playing. By the end of third quarter, the score was 11-5, and you could see the other team looking defeated from the probable loss. Some players were taken out of the game due to penalties at this point, but didn’t let that get them down. 

“I got a penalty and pulled out of the game, but I still feel I tried my best out there and showed my support for the team,” defense player Danny Binetti said. 

In the fourth quarter Huntley scored five points and Prairie Ridge scored one, ending the game with a Huntley victory. The teams showed their support by saying “good game” to each other before walking off the field. 

The Raiders season for boys lacrosse is not too far from coming to an end this year. They have a few games left, along with practices on the way. As it comes to an end, Huntley hopes for the best for the players and can’t wait to see next year’s season. 

Come support the boys varsity lacrosse at their next game in Geneva on Saturday, April 23.