Vengeance and Forfeits

Huntley girls varsity lacrosse takes a peculiar win last night 4-2


Courtesy of @Huntleyhsglax Instagram.

By Gretchen Sweeney

“What do we want? VENGEANCE! When do we want it? NOW!” said the varsity Barrington girls lacrosse team, seconds before the game. This season they held a 4-0 record and are second in their division, making them a ruthless team. 

Last year was the first time in years that the Huntley girls lacrosse team demolished their Barrington rivals. Yesterday’s game was either going to be a hold on the throne for Huntley or a comeback for Barrington. 

Yesterday’s thunderstorms had most sports games canceled, but girls varsity lacrosse went against the odds and managed to pull through with their game. This unexpected circumstance led to an even more unpredictable game. 

5 minutes into the second half and it was a close game, 4-2, everyone was on the edge of their seats. The referees were extra nitpicky this game and called everything, leading to some frustration from the coaches, specifically Barrington’s. 

“Barrington was pushing our girls and they got another yellow card, which made them pretty mad because one more yellow card and they would have to be a player down,” senior Paige Olszewski said.

An aggressive game led to an aggressive response after Barrington’s coach called a timeout. 

 “We’re going home,” said Barrington’s coach. He screamed it so loud, that the whole stadium went silent. This never happened before and all the parents in the stands looked at each other with the same facial expressions implying ‘can he do that?’

Barrington’s team trudged off the field, tears stained the girls’ faces in disappointment and anger at their coach. 

“They were crying, apologizing for hitting us, and saying they ‘wish we could play more,” junior Leah Hiller said.

“I thought the game was well reffed. It was aggressive, but it was aggressive on both sides,” Coach Domka said. 

Despite this abnormal win, the girls still played remarkably well. Nearly everyone on the team agreed that the MVP of the game was goalie, Caysie Vargas. 

“Caysie played an amazing game, it was probably one of her best games of the season,” senior Abby Rice said.

With around nine saves and only letting two goals in, she was on fire. Even with penalty shots where she was 1v1 with a player, she still held her ground. In one instance the ball was shot at her and it hit the rim of her stick and ricocheted all the way out to the 30-yard line. 

Huntley will not play Barrington again this season, but with their continued search for vengeance, we can expect a brutal game from them next year.