Seniors take final shots

Huntley High School’s girls golf team celebrates senior night with a win over Dundee Crown


E. Byers

Seniors Mallory Winters, Abigail Panier, Brianna Ferrara, and Samantha Campanelli standing with their bouquets of flowers.

By Emmy Byers

Piercing through the air as the ball glides through the wind as if it has wings, where it then falls behind a small hill on the driving range, blanketed with golf balls that have gone through the same flight. Swing after swing, aiming to get the perfect arch. The slightest breeze causes the ball to have a tilted direction, which they must prepare for before the match begins. 

It was senior night for Huntley’s girls golf team and gifts sat neatly on the table for players Samantha Campanelli, Mallory Winters, Abigail Panier, and Brianna Ferrara. The team played Dundee Crown on Monday, Sept. 19 with some seniors walking onto the green for their final match at Pinecrest Golf Course in Huntley.

The grass is damp as Winters and Ferrara step into the tee box with drivers in their hands. A round of applause breaks the silence after Winters smacks the ball, sending it through the air. This is her first year on the team and she has already grown since day one. 

“I’ve met a lot of people and it has expanded my way of talking with others,” Winters said. 

Right after, it is Ferrara’s turn to show her team what she can do. But a few butterflies rush into her stomach before she tees off. 

“I would say when I tee off is probably the scariest, and it’s always exciting to see if it’s going to go bad or good,” Ferrara said. “It sets the mood for the entire [match].” 

Ferrara and Winters did not grow up involved in this sport, yet it still intrigued them enough to join later on. Monday was their first time playing in a varsity match. 

Huntley won the match 177-199 and a pizza party waited for them at the clubhouse. The seniors were recognized for their great years working with the team and the coaches.

“They have just blossomed [into] these nice women,” head Coach Ann Christiansen said. “They have a lot of leadership skills in them, which is great.” 

After four years of being on the team, senior captains Abigail Panier and Samantha Campanelli are sad to see it be the last time they play on this course during the regular season. 

“It’s nostalgic,” Campanelli said. “It’s crazy that it is already here,” Campanelli said.  

The wave of grief finally hits the four girls as they head back to their tables, realizing that this is one of the last memories they will make here. Making it their last year to play golf in high school.