New Jeffery Dahmer tapes give insight into the murders

Netflix documentary reveals previously unreleased bone chilling interviews with infamous serial killer



New Netflix tapes go through the life and murders of Jeffery Dahmer.

By Anthony Ciuleba

Jeffery Dahmer continues to frighten and bewilder audiences with Netflix‘s brand new documentary with an added spin of Dahmer himself retelling his horrific slaughters and other crimes committed between 1978 and 1991, ending with his ultimate capture. 

This docuseries, consisting of three episodes each an hour long, was released on Oct. 7 and brings all perspectives to the table with attorneys, experts, and other persons to recount their recollections of Jeffery Dahmer. Dahmer himself, posthumously, also adds information through various recordings of his conversations with his lawyer by the use of tapes.

These so-called tapes are a collection of 34 hours worth of audio recorded by Dahmer’s lawyer, Wendy Patrickus, played by herself. In fact, everyone within the story, short of Dahmer himself, was played by the real person who went through their respective events.

Audio found within the tapes is downright frightening, with Dahmer attempting to explain his reasoning.

“What triggered it all?” Dahmer said in the docuseries. “I wish I could give you a good, straightforward answer on that.”

According to Dahmer, he pinned all the blame on his own backward thinking and said that he has not been thinking in a normal manner for years.

The series itself is exceptionally well-made, with various clips of interviews and recordings of Dahmer bringing the whole story together in a concise and understandable way. It explores the reasons for Dahmer’s actions such as childhood trauma and the alienation of his sexual orientation, with him being homosexual.

Even if one did not have any idea of who Jeffery Dahmer was, the documentary does an excellent job of quickly establishing who he is and what he has done. His arrest was the first and foremost event taking place within the first episode, with information about his childhood and interviews about him being presented first. His murders are reserved for deeper in the docuseries.

The mood in the documentary is very tense and has constant attributes being applied to Dahmer and his murders by others such as Patrickus, various reporters, and news anchors who had reported on the various cases.

The pacing of the documentary is excellent because the arrest of Dahmer is explored first, then moves on to his childhood, further goes along with his life through his first murder, and finally, all the way back to his arrest and testimonies while in jail.

Overall, the documentary is an excellent addition to “Conversations with a Killer.” It fits the chilling nature of the previous parts, which explored John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy. If you are looking for a rigid and in-depth inspection of Dahmer, or are a fan of the docuseries, then look no further!