Love literally is blind

First four episodes of “Love is Blind” are now out on Netflix


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“Love is Blind” just came out with its third season, causing some conversation.

By Jeanie Flodin

You are getting ready to watch a show on Netflix. What do you choose? Do you choose a documentary or do you choose a reality TV show that has a cringey representation?

The new season of “Love Is Blind” is out, and it is just like the last two seasons. It is exactly the same, just new cast members.

The show is about singles rushing to find their companions within four weeks. At first women and men live separately. 

The cast includes Alexa, Amanda, Andrew, Anthony, Ashley, Bartise, Brannigan, Brennon, Charita, Chelsey, Cole, Colleen, and Dakota. That is just many of the cast members that you are going to see throughout this series. They do not reveal their last names likely due to privacy.

Hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey enter the room to ask what they are all doing here, but we should be asking that ourselves. 

The pods open up and the dating starts to begin. People open up about their lives and who they are, but it is scary not to see the person that is right in front of you.

This experiment is meant to see people for their personality not for their pretty face. It is meant for people to see true authentic selves. This could be possible with blind dating and not rushing to get married.

“Is love truly blind?” the show references.

The hosts are hoping that it is. I understand that you are trying to get married quickly but you do not have to make a whole experiment of it.

The series is just like every other reality TV show, so it is sometimes hard to watch. It has its annoying moments, but it is full of love and trust.

All in all, the series could be better if we get more representation from the LGBTQA+ community with a spin-off series based on lesbian and gay couples.

Although, the four episodes are currently now out on Netflix with more episodes on the way soon.