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Love is Blind just came out with its third season, causing some conversation.

Love literally is blind

First four episodes of “Love is Blind” are now out on Netflix
By Jeanie Flodin
October 23, 2022

You are getting ready to watch a show on Netflix. What do you choose? Do you choose a documentary or do you choose a reality TV show that has a cringey...

Photographed by M.Baker

Should we watch the lives of people on reality television?

Reality Television does not provide an accurate representation of life; however, some people find it entertaining.
By Molly Baker, Social Media Editor
October 18, 2020

As Sunday night rolls around, senior Grace Klements turns on the television to catch the newest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. It is her weekly...

By Cullen Walsh

Reality TV is not just for laughs

By Jaclyn Polit
February 7, 2014

Reality television is trash. It is seen as America’s societal problems and “dumbed down” culture. These shows are bad for you and offer nothing but...

By Cullen Walsh

Reality TV is a “real” problem

By Danielle Rivera
February 7, 2014

Reality television is seen as an innocent method of entertainment. The purpose is to bring “enjoyment” to the viewing audience. We are able to peek...

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