Halloween fun for charity

Student Council hosts UNICEF volleyball tournament


By Jacey Sola

Oct. 27 was an eventful night at Huntley High School. A total of 17 teams of students participated in the UNICEF Volleyball Tournament, run by Student Council. The fieldhouse was filled with color and Halloween spirit, as each team was dressed in their own unique costumes, such as M&M’s, Football players, farm animals, elves, the Toon Squad, or in themes like black, red, and orange. 

In order to sign up for the event, each player on the team had to pay $5. Each team also needed a minimum of six players in order to qualify. 

“Looking at the groups and the teams that were made, I mean, it’s from all over different committees, clubs, sports, like all of it. And it’s, I think it’s something fun,” Student Council advisor Courtney Fulton said.

Admission into the event was $1 for people who wore a costume, and $2 for those not dressed in a costume. Apple Cider donuts and other concessions were also sold at the event. Proceeds went to the UNICEF organization. 

UNICEF is the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. They assist children who are disadvantaged around the world and provide emergency relief, vaccinations, health care, and education for those in need. They work with high schools around the U.S. in order to raise money and fund their charity. 

“The fact that we had so many teams was a big deal because all the money is going to UNICEF,” said Barbara Alvarez, Student Council advisor. “We love that so many people wanted to play this year.”

The games were played in a bracket-style, similar to March Madness. At the start of the event, each team was paired against another, and the teams that won moved further up the bracket. The last team remaining was the winner. Additionally, a costume contest awarded the team with the best costume. 

“It’s still some sort of competitiveness when you’ve got the brackets, but in the end, it’s all just for fun, and hopefully, the teams understand,” Fulton said. 

There was also a losers’ bracket for teams who had lost their matches. This allowed each team to play multiple games and have a good time.

The tournament was a successful and enjoyable event that the Student Council put together. It was evident that students had a great time. It was a wonderful experience leading up to Halloween.

“I thought the fundraiser was spectacular. I saw a lot of people come today, so I’m happy that the event raised a lot of money,” sophomore Matthew Leith said.