Are the limits on blended classes good

What are the opinions of different people around the school about limiting blending classes?


Z. Bates

Students spending their blended periods in the commons area.

By Zuzanna Bates

Students have one blended class available to them in their first year. Sophomore year is two,  junior year is three, and senior year is four. This is a limit that all students have with regard to blended classes. 

Jacob Tatkowski is a senior who has three blended classes. Although he does not like that there are limits on how many blended classes he can take, he still enjoys the freedoms he gets with having these classes as an option.

Blended classes are amazing because you can work on your own time, go somewhere if you want to work at your house if you live close enough and they’re awesome because you get to spend time with friends and work on different assignments together during blended hours,” Tatkowski said.

While blended classes give a lot of freedom and flexibility with students’ schedules, there are still rules and limits in place for students to follow. Some students may feel like these limits are not fair towards them.

“In terms of fairness, is it fair for every student? Probably not, but if we want all students to perform to the best of their abilities, I guess that’s kind of the reason why that [limit] has been made,” chemistry teacher Chris Klein said.

There are many benefits to having limits on blended classes. While some students may not agree with these limits, they are there to benefit them. 

“If all your classes are blended on that day, then, is that really high school?” freshman counselor, James Messina said.

Having limits for upperclassmen seems to be unfavorable but having them for underclassmen is more doable. Seniors and juniors have been in the school for long enough to have a solid routine and can more easily balance having more blended classes. Freshmen and sophomores are still adjusting to high school life, for some better than others.

“I think the limits for upperclassmen should not be there and should only be for underclassmen because they are newer and don’t understand the responsibilities of these classes,” Tatkowski said.

The students who make it so that these limits are put in place by abusing the freedoms that come with these classes are not the majority. While it is not fair to students who are following all the rules and being respectful, it is better to make the most of the blended classes you can have than to be spiteful that you can not have more. These limits should be in place so that students can still see what college would be like while still having a high school experience.