From the Desk of the 05 Council

Join Anthony Ciuleba as he discusses concepts and inner workings.


By Anthony Ciuleba

Welcome back to another installment of “From the Desk of the 05 Council” where yours truly explains the ever-expanding online fictional Wiki: the SCP Foundation. This time around, I will go more in-depth on other concepts within SCP lore such as classifications and groups of interest.

But before that, I will discuss SCP deduction. Last time you were left with SCP-939, a dog-like creature that exterminates life for no other reason than to do so and mimics its victims’ voices. Needless to say, there is not much to look deeper into with this entry, as it really is just a murderous dog-human creature that has no explanation as to why. This is a common occurrence with early SCPs, being gimmick monsters with little other substance such as SCP-096 or SCP-682, for instance. As the Wiki grew, standards for writing shifted from high to low, with the most recent trend seeming to be more lighthearted, better-written work.

But enough of that, time for school classifications and the like. At this point, you must have seen plenty of words being thrown around like terms such as redacted, Keter, Euclid, blacked-out text, and several others. We will begin with object classifications.

There are three basic classifications for these fictional things are as follows:

Safe – An anomaly that if left alone will not cause harm to anyone.

Euclid – An anomaly that is unpredictable, and could cause harm, though could be contained by a locked box, usually given to sentient SCPs.

Keter – An anomaly that is guaranteed to cause harm and is incredibly difficult to contain. Basically, go and get a better-locked box for this puppy.

There are several more, but usually, they are explained within the document itself or are common enough to be able to search them on the Wiki. Now with that out of the way, we move on to the fun stuff.

Groups of interest: not too interesting just looking at the term, but they include everything from The United Nations having an anomalous branch (similar to the SCP Foundation), to gamers who cause pranks using anomalies, to an organization based in the afterlife who use technology in an attempt to help humanity, to a bunch of Polish mushroom eating hippies.

All in all, groups of interest are organizations that dabble in anomalous affairs just like the SCP Foundation, with most of them having some sort of corrupted morals. Except for Wilson Wildlife Solutions, they will help any critter out there.

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I hope you have a great time scrolling through the Foundation Wiki, and always remember, you do not recognize the bodies in the water.