New student ambassador program discussed at BOE meeting

This meeting goes through the events that have happened in all District 158 schools so far, noting a new program at Leggee.


Members of the Board of Education hear the community’s thoughts on new programs. (P. Taylor)

By Peyton Taylor

On Thursday, Dec. 1, the first meeting of the month for the District 158 Board of Education occurred. The meeting started off with a roll call of the board members. After roll call, students from the Leggee Elementary School ambassador program and the Leggee Elementary Principal Scott Iddings recited the pledge of allegiance to the board.

Principal Iddings admired the program and gave an explanation of what the program was at Leggee.

“One of the jobs is greeting students every day as they come into our school, throughout they’re doing it, and they do a fantastic job,” Principal Iddings said.

After this, the board welcomed its new member on the board, Jonathan Daly, after being put on the board on Nov. 15. On that day, Daly took the oath of office. He became the newest member of the District 158 Board of Education. 

Daly gave his recent big speech about being accepted on the board of education.

“I will safely discharge the duties of the board of education to the best of my abilities. I will further swear that I shall respect taxpayer interest by serving as a faithful protector. I shall serve with courage and respect the free expression of my opinion by my fellow board members while respecting the privacy of students and employees,” Jonathan Daly said.

Parents expressed concern over multiple topics, especially bullying on the bus and the failure of the administration to have a response for the parents after the incident took place.

“So we are here to introduce a situation that happened with my grandson, my daughter’s son, that happened on the bus. I believed it could have been prevented after viewing a part of the surveillance, speaking to the assistant principal and assistant superintendent with no email,” Lena Campos said

The board also discussed the incidents in the boiler room that happened at Heineman Middle School recently. Due to freezing temperatures rising at the beginning of December.

Our closing to the end of the board of education meeting talked about the district’s financial status over this year and talked about the prices of electricity this year

The meeting ended after one hour and 45 minutes with the final conclusions from the board of education members on any other issues or concerns throughout the district.