Boys basketball 64-48 domination against Crystal Lake South

On Friday, Dec. 16, the varsity team left the opposing team in the dust.


The varsity players keep their motivation up throughout the game. (A. Ciuleba)

By Anthony Ciuleba

As the clock reached half time, the crowds in support of Huntley viciously yelled, “Overrated” at the small Crystal Lake South section of supporters. From high schoolers to the eldest member of the troupe, all were cheering in support of the boys varsity basketball team during their domination of the game.

The victory won by boys varsity basketball ended with a score of 64-48, a 16-point lead for the flamboyant team. While it may seem like Huntley steamrolled Crystal Lake South, the visitors fought viciously to beat back boys varsity and take the win for themselves.

While most of the game was controlled by Huntley, even scoring the first basket of the game, the first quarter was anything but a cakewalk. With a few fumbles on Huntley’s part, the score ended up being 17-15 with Huntley leading by a mere 2 points. While offense took a backseat, the defense on both sides was nothing to scoff at, and one could imagine the battle to be similar in the later quarters.

Entering into the second quarter, Huntley came out blasting with displays of accuracy, speed, and dexterity, shooting hoop after hoop and taking advantage of shooter fouls committed against them. While Crystal Lake South tried to keep up with the onslaught, they were no match for the sheer power Huntley displayed during the second quarter, with points ending off at 38-26, a 12-point authority over the opposition.

Confidence amongst the crowd and players for Huntley was at an all-time high, with audiences regularly heckling Crystal Lake with phrases like “Overrated!” and “You can’t do that!” Although Crystal Lake attempted to shoot back, the tides of heckling were firmly in Huntley’s hands. 

The third quarter ended with a score of 52-34, a staggering 18-point lead for Huntley. Fouls would ramp up from here, with some of Crystal Lake’s greatest players almost reaching 5 fouls in the fourth quarter. It seems that Crystal Lake had a few main shooters scoring points, while Huntley spread points across their players.

The game ended with a score of 64-48, a decisive 16-point lead victory for boys varsity basketball. As soon as it ended, the crowds in support of Huntley rushed down to praise the players for their performance. While Crystal Lake South fought valiantly, they stood no chance against the willpower of Huntley and went home with their heads hanging.

“I think we did really well against [Crystal Lake South]; we were all doing our best,” senior Ian Revagnie said.

Almost all members of the boys varsity team that day scored at least one point, and while defensively there could be some work, it is a 5-point difference from last month’s game against Crystal Lake South, when they scored 53 points.

“They were pretty much handing us fouls during the last part of the game, but they were not an easy fight, that much I can say,” junior Lucas Crosby said.

During the last quarter of the game, Crystal Lake South received 10 fouls compared to Huntley’s 4 fouls.

“We really need to work on our early game though, hitting too many rims too early,” junior Ethan Blackmore said.

While the first quarter was fiercely fought, Huntley pulled through in the later quarters, improving their play and beating Crystal Lake South.