Girls Varsity Bowling Meet Jan. 26

Girls varsity bowling wins against Harvard by 306 points.


By Sandra Skiba

After a win to the Girls Varsity Bowlers against St.Charles East, Wednesday’s game was against Harvard at home. The bowling began, balls glided smoothly across the lanes and the sound of each pin falling was yet another point.
The bowling team is more than just a sport that rolls balls, it has become a community for the girls and they all rely on each other.
“It’s a really good community, so fun to be around, we’re great teams and we all work really well together, it’s just a great support team,” freshman Katie Scaletta said.
The team spends time together to build a stronger bond with each other, talking any moment they get and going to invites together so they could also build a better relationship.
“We bowl together every day, and there’s a lot of downtime with bowling, you get to talk with the team a lot and I think that brings us together and going to invites over the weekend too,” senior Jessica Roberts said.
The bowling team is preparing for more intense meets as regionals approach, working together is a group effort and they are making it work whether new or coming back from last year.
“We’ve got a lot of young girls and some returning girls, and they’re all improving, they’re starting to come in form, getting ready for regionals here in a week,” Coach Jason Waters said.
“They’re all working towards a common goal, all supportive and excited about each other and how they perform, It all works together when they have the same goals.”
The game went extremely well with a score of 2053 points to 1747 and a win for Huntley. While the boys bowling team is going to state, it looks like the girls will do amazing at regionals.
“We’ve been doing really good this year, winning a lot of meets and having a lot of high scores, we have a lot of good work this year,” Roberts said.
We are definitely looking forward to see what else our girls varsity bowling team can do. It looks like the team is really blooming and will continue to in the future.
“he program continues to grow, really a young team- we’ve got a couple of great seniors, but a lot of young kids behind them,” Waters said.