From the Desk of the 05 Council

Join Anthony again as he reveals more about characters, ideas, and even terminology within the foundation’s files!


By Anthony Ciuleba

Thought you would never see me again, huh? Welcome to another installment of “From the Desk of the 05 Council” where I attempt to showcase how interesting the SCP Foundation is without looking like a loser! With this installment, we will be looking past the surface level of information, to things mostly only fans know about.

Before we move on, we must go over the SCP that I left you with last time, SCP-1733, which ended up being a recording of a basketball game. It had the people within the recording aware of the fact that the digital recording is being played over and over again, resulting in catastrophic and downright disturbing outcomes!

If this sort of story piques your interest, the Foundation has got hundreds more of these unsettling stories!

All right, let us move on before I get carried away with today’s topics of deeper general information. We will be mostly looking at unique characters and terms like non-euclidian and other genuinely headache-inducing concepts, ideas, and theories.

So, you are thinking, characters? You did not say that the Foundation does not have a canon. Why would I ever need to remember a bunch of people that I will never see again? Simple, because these characters are beloved and in memes so forget the Foundation. Let us start with a few of them.

Dr. Jack Bright – A man trapped within an amulet, whoever wears the amulet will immediately experience brain death, and Dr. Bright will replace the host’s consciousness. Now of course that is just slightly uncomfortable to think about, sure, but the reason people like him so much is because he is usually written to always be up to mischievous hijinks. Things like inventing a chainsaw gun, and yes, it was awesome.

Dr. Gears – I actually think this guy is very boring, he is just super duper smart and apart from one tale I like about him, that is all there really is to him. For one of the earliest characters, you have to have the obligatory, serious, no-joking businessman character.

Dr. Alto Clef – Yes, before you ask, his name is a reference to music. With that out of the way, Clef’s actions can be regarded as questionable at times. Usually a large help, he has bouts where he directly helps anomalies, especially SCP-166. Clef also has the anomalous ability to block out his own face in any photographs or videos, as well as sometimes block out his voice. So next time you see an unknown individual in a story, never say that it is just Nobody.

All right, now we will be talking a little about other terms that you will see flying around at times.

Non-euclidean – Basically an impossible area just existing somewhere, could be as big or as small as an author wants, just like how three cities called Portland cause reality to bend and a portal to open up. Yeah, you read that right, Portland(s) open up a dimension which is called the Three Portlands.

MTF – These are organized units by the Foundation called Mobile Task Forces. There are too many to list here but range from specialized, small military operators, to large operation investigations of all mail delivered in order to find anomalies.

SCP-001 – The biggest and baddest SCP that could or could not exist, there are like 2 dozen “proposals” for the slot, which in function only serve to showcase really well-made SCPs. Look through them, I am sure you will not regret it.

Before I get to the word limit, let us get to the SCP I will have you read this time around! Consider a sort of right of passage, an article that will get you to understand the Foundation a lot more. Be sure to read this one extensively and follow all the links within the article, it will provide you with important context. Be sure to read it soon, because you will not realize When Day Breaks.

Thanks for reading! I do not really have any obscure reference to an SCP this time around, I just hope I convinced you that this corner of the internet is worth a little bit of your time.