NCT Dream takes fans into a dreamworld

The K-Pop boy group leaves fans happy with their latest single.

SBS Radio (CC BY 3.0)

NCT Dream at SBS Radio in April of 2022.

By Natalie Vongchanh

NCT Dream released “Best Friend Ever” and “Glitch Mode – Japanese Version” on Feb. 8. Their newest singles keep their fandom, called Dreamies, excited for more.

The K-Pop boy group is under a management called SM Entertainment. NCT is a large unit with at least four sub-units, leaving NCT Dream the youngest of their branch. Age groups differentiate them, and after they surpass a certain age, they move on to the older unit. This allows the members to build stronger relationships with each other and new members of NCT Dream to continue learning.

On Jan. 31, NCT Dream posted their behind the scenes jacket shoot for the “Best Friend Ever” music video on Twitter before the single was released. One of the images exhibits all seven group members in a tropical desert theme. The colors are coherent with their outfits, matching blue jeans with a black leather jacket top. All seven members, Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung, are displayed beautifully on the album cover. 

The new music video starts with a ringing bell and a green three-eyed monster appears on the screen. As they sing along to the song, they keep upbeat energy throughout the music video. Not only did the members sing perfectly, but they also had on-point visuals. Dreamies love the K-Pop boy group’s concept since it is a breath of fresh air compared to the typical edgier concepts. It was a thrilling experience for fans to witness their Japanese debut with the new members.

Dreamies are proud to say their favorite band successfully delivered a Japanese Pop song that correlates to their exciting and buoyant concept. As their main chorus is “Best Friend Ever,” fans love the dynamics and relationships they have with each other.

Although as exciting and lighthearted as their songs are, some fans are concerned they will not age well. They claimed that a few rap verses did not flow together and came off as more aggressive. Because it is a Japanese Single, they also released “Glitch Mode – Japanese Version.” It was another top hit from their previously released music, but Japanese Dreamies claimed it was unnecessary, and their original Korean version was simple and fun.

Overall, Dreamies’ standards were fulfilled, and they are proud that the group members delivered music that suited NCT Dream’s style.