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Album cover for “Training Season” by Dua Lipa.

Working up a sweat

Dua Lipa’s new single gains popularity.
By Sam Tan
February 19, 2024

As the smoke clears, a cage of men stand motionless. A beat drops and they all jump up onto the bars of the cage to perform pullups as rhythmic pulses...

NCT Dream takes fans into a dreamworld

The K-Pop boy group leaves fans happy with their latest single.
By Natalie Vongchanh
February 9, 2023

NCT Dream released "Best Friend Ever" and "Glitch Mode - Japanese Version” on Feb. 8. Their newest singles keep their fandom, called Dreamies, excited...

Meg Myers Lemon Eyes show the pop singers slow rise to fame (Courtesy of

Song of the Week: ‘Lemon Eyes’ shows popularity for Meg Myers

By Courtney Thomas
February 2, 2016