Is this Squishmallow bop or flop?

Reviewing the Squishmallow, Easton.

Easton smiling and posing for the camera.

E. Christenson

Easton smiling and posing for the camera.

By Emma Christenson

After gazing at my collection of Squishmallows I realized I have not done a review on one of my favorites. Right as I walked into the store he caught my eye and I purchased him a couple of days later. The interesting fact that made me want to buy him was that he is a deep-sea anglerfish. If you have seen an anglerfish before they are not cute animals but the Squishmallow company turned this fish into something you can cuddle at night. This Squishmallow’s name is Easton.
Easton is a mix of dark purple and light purple with white spots and white specs. He has a light on his forehead to show he is an anglerfish, and the light is a mix of silver and white color. Just below that he has two deep black eyes with sharp pointy teeth and a small black smile. On the side of his body, he has silver fins and his stomach is a gray color to complement his purple skin.
In Easton’s description card, it says if you need someone to light your way, he will always be there for you. Easton always has a smile on his face no matter what challenge and he always has something fun and interesting to talk about. He loves deep talks with friends and family, and he loves passion fruit and shaved ice. This description card adds so much detail to Easton’s personality. This is important because it gives the customer a reason to buy the Squishmallow if they have a personal connection to it.
One thing that I love that the company did was how they turned a very scary fish into a cute animal that you can have on your bed. Making a cute and tiny Squishmallow from a terrifying anglerfish is an amazing task that we should all applaud.
The negative thing about Easton is he is a very unique and special Squishmallow, but he has gotten the attention of a lot of buyers which means he is not a very rare find in stores. Easton is not a very big Squishmallow that you can cuddle with, so he would be great to have as a collection item but not as a stuffed animal.
Overall, Easton is an amazing Squishmallow to get as a collection item but I would not get this Squishmallow if you are looking for something to sleep with at night.