Varsity softball crushes Jacobs

Varsity softball wins their seventh game of the season


L. Langkan

Pitcher Juliana Maude (#17) is preparing to throw a pitch

By Laura Langkan

The sun was shining, setting a bright glow onto the field. Fast gusts of wind caused the infield dirt to fly around the field and into the audience. The crazy wind speed caused balls to fly back and all over the place. Despite the crazy wind, the varsity softball team was still able to have a strong offensive and defensive presence.

Huntley High School’s varsity softball team dominated Jacobs softball 11-1 on April 12. In the first inning, both Huntley and Jacobs scored exactly one point causing a tie. But by the second inning, Huntley ended that tie by scoring five points. 

With former HHS assistant varsity coach Jessica Turner being on the opposing team, the girls were under pressure. However, the team stayed focused and did not let it bother them. 

“It was also exciting to play against my travel coach and former Huntley assistant coach,” freshman Aubrina Adamik said.

For some players, playing against their former coach added more fun to the game and gave them a sense of competition. This led to a powerful team effort and motivation to win the game. With this sense of confidence, players were stealing bases left and right, always looking for the opportunity to score a run.

During the third inning, Huntley scored two more points, putting them into a seven-run lead. The audience’s cheers were loud as Huntley scored run after run. As Huntley players stole bases and took chances to earn a point, the crowd’s cheers got louder and louder. 

By the fifth inning, Huntley had scored three more runs causing them to have a 10-point lead over Jacobs. Due to this 10-run lead, Huntley had automatically won the game, adding yet another victory to their season. 

It was a team effort as it always is. Everyone needs to compete in their at bats, everyone needs to make the routine plays, our pitcher did a nice job of controlling the pace of the game,” Coach Bussone said.

Overall this victory could not have been made without a team effort. With another win added to their belt, the Raiders hope to be successful in future games.

“We are 10 games in and we always like to tell them that this is a marathon, not a sprint,” Coach Bussone said. “We can work on little things here and there and watch their progression as the season continues.”