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Hitting the right notes

Music lover, Bill Leggee, plays the keyboard.

It was always all about school or music. Or both.

It was all about school until he found the music. In fifth grade, he played the trombone. Then he sang.

That’s where it starts for Bill Leggee.

It was all about music education when he got into U of I, but the draft took him out. But he managed to make the army all about the music, too, spending 18 months playing trombone for the Fourth Armored Division Band.

It was about the school and the music when he earned a bachelor’s degree in music education while singing in Olivete Nazarene’s top choir.

And when he earned his master’s in voice. And when he cam­­e to Huntley to teach music to kids K-12 in 1969.

It was all about school when he switched to teaching English. Every kid to graduate from Huntley for the next 30 years knew him.

It was all about the fun. He was the fun.

The one who commented, during the famous “Where art thou, Romeo?” movie scene in freshman English, “Gee, is she blind?”

The one who Mrs. Leggee would tell, “You’re not very observant. I don’t even know what’s going on in your classroom,” and he would say, with a grin, “Well, I don’t either.”

From trombone to Shakespeare, it was all about the school and the music. And the fun.

He retired in ’93, so it’s not all about school anymore. He gave up trombone, too.

But it’s still about the music. He sings every Tuesday for Del Webb’s choir and every Sunday for his church.

It was all about the music when he soloed in Huntley’s “That’s a Classic” choir concert.

“Because he is our classic,” said Nancy Cross.

But for the audience, it was all about an 81-year-old’s huge smile when he received a standing ovation.

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