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Let’s Go Lego!

Join Emma as she takes a look into the ins and outs of “The Little Mermaid” clam shell LEGO.

The LEGO company started in Billund, Denmark in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932. This created a new dawn for LEGO lovers all over the world, like me! I have moved on from Squishmallows and now my new commentary is all about LEGO. Today, we will be talking about a LEGO that was created about the new live action “Little Mermaid” movie. 

The set is in the shape of a clam seashell and contains 1,808 pieces, which is a massive build for beginners if you are a professional. The price for this LEGO set is $160. This set contains Ariel, King Triton, Karina, Indria, Ursula, Flounder, and Sebastian. 

The set is amazing with intricate details and having items from the movie in the LEGO set. In the massive clam seashell, which measures in as 12 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall, has Ariel’s treasure trove of trinkets, in this part of the LEGO set it has binoculars, a sword, pieces that create a shipwreck, and a dinglehopper (a fork). This set also has Ursula’s evil layer with all of her potions in the background and it features King Triton’s throne room, which is filled with coral, layered around the sand with multiple thrones for Ariel and her sisters. 

My favorite part of this “Little Mermaid” set was the design of the characters, the background, and details included into the clam seashell. The set was easy to complete but, there are some downfalls to buying this set. First, it is very expensive and the back of the LEGO set is unfinished. The back is plain and makes the LEGO set look very cheap and not put together well. 

But overall, “The Little Mermaid” LEGO set would be a good set to purchase if you enjoyed the movie and watch it all the time. But, if you thought the movie was mediocre then do not invest in this LEGO set.

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Emma Christenson
Emma Christenson, Managing Editor
Emma Christenson is a Managing Editor of The Voice, it's her second year on staff. In her free time, Emma watches movies, hangs out with her friends and boyfriend, and works on her collection of Lego figures. She loves anything involving her family, friends, and painting.

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