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Healthy Mind; Ep 1

Join Faith Rasmussen as she shares how art can boost our mood

Everyone has mental health. Mental health affects people’s thoughts, feelings, social interactions, decision-making, and how people react to situations. Making art is a way to boost the mood and to help re-frame our minds.

Art therapy is a way of expression that helps people improve their mental health. There are many different forms of art, including drawing, painting, dance, theatre, writing, and music. These forms can be used as therapy treatments.

Art can create a sense of self-expression, helping the person become more self-aware. Art helps people visualize an abstract concept, such as emotions, into something that can be better understood. This self-reflection is a great way to improve mental health.

“The part of our brain that feeds our creative side also works to soothe the part of our brain that is more logical when we’re in high distress,” North POD counselor, Patricia Zacharias said.

Art is encouraged as a coping strategy, and there are coloring books for students to use in the PODs. Students find themselves enjoying one form of art or another.

Another common, and proven mood booster is listening to music. Senior Lexi Adams, often listens to music and has noticed how music affects her. “Most of the time I listen to music when I feel down. After about twenty minutes or so, I feel better after listening to music.”

According to a study by The Journal of Positive Psychology, listening to music that is upbeat and positive improves mood. 

“Music usually makes me feel better. Different songs have different vibes,” senior Jeet Del Cid said.

Another effective coping strategy that Zacharias has noticed that has worked for students in creative writing. It is an excellent form of expression, that a person doesn’t have to be great at to do. 

Creative writing allows for clearer thinking and processing of emotions. It is both grounding and a creative outlet. 

Turn to the arts when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or down. Get creative!

Everyone has mental health, and art is an effective self-care strategy. “For mental health, it is absolutely crucial,” Zacharias said.

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About the Contributor
Faith Rasmussen, Staff Writer
Faith Rasmussen is an artist, LGBTQ+ advocate, and a poet. She is currently working on a portfolio of short stories, which she hopes to publish in the near future. This is her first year as a writer for The Voice.

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