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Grab that Popcorn: Episode 1

Join junior Lilly Cascone as she reviews the Disney movie: Elemental.

Today’s movie of choice was the new Disney animated movie, Elemental. This movie was released in the summer of 2023 and is about the four elements–fire, water, earth, and air–as residents living together in Element City. A young lady made of fire, Ember, and a man made of water who likes to go with the flow, Wade, discover something that is considered elemental.

In the movie, Ember is faced with a huge pipe burst in her father’s store, which is when she meets Wade. He comes out of the pipes after checking where all the water was coming from. Throughout the film, they go to figure out where the water was coming from and why the canal in fire town was suddenly filling up with water. 

During this journey, they build a relationship along the way. Before they spent all of their time together, they hated each other until they spent a lot of time with each other, creating a relationship that could last a lifetime. Ember and Wade found love during their journey to save Element City from the water canal flooding. 

While telling the story of two people who find love through a journey to save the city, you also learn about how chemicals react. As a high school student taking chemistry, I realized that they were breaking apart the periodic table in a way by talking about the four major elements that we use in our daily lives. In the movie, they went out to a movie theater that was named after the alkali metals on the periodic table. 

Overall, I think that this was one of my favorite animated Disney movies that has come out in the last couple months. On the surface level, this move is cute and romantic for a children, but I think the lesson it teaches could be considered for everyone.

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Lilly Cascone
Lilly Cascone, Photographer
Lilly Cascone is one of the photographers for The Voice and it is her first year on staff. Lilly is in color guard as a part of the marching band. She likes photography and hanging out with her friends.

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