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Wrestling with DMD November

Join Donovan Doyle as he discusses what is going on in AEW wrestling

Welcome back to Wrestling with DMD, the written review about wrestling entertainment, and boy do we have a lot to talk about!

Last we did talk a lot about WWE but let us talk a bit about All Elite Wrestling (AEW). I have talked poorly about AEW in the past but right now it looks good for them with the signing of the Rated-R superstar Edge, now under the name Adam Copeland, his real name. He has burst into the scene of AEW to challenge his best friend in real life, Christian Cage, the TNT championship of AEW. Now this is a big thing which many people are excited for, and I think it is cool, but I do have problems with it as well.

The first problem I have is that it feels too early, these two are both of the best superstars with great chemistry that could make the match of the year if made right, but they made it happen so early. Why not have Adam go against other people? Make him and his opponents look good and a few months later, Edge and Christian Cage for the TNT championship, this feels more fun and right. But I do see what they are doing right now but I do not think it is the right choice.

My second problem is the bigger problem with AEW right now and it is this, Edge and Christian are very good wrestlers, no doubt about that, but they are older. The problem with this is that AEW should be trying to push their younger talent to make them bigger and more famous, but right now they are using older superstars to get through their shows. In the short run that is fine but in the long run, they will be having problems because once most of those older superstars retire who will be the ones to stand up when they have not been able to get a big enough push to be that relevant in AEW. Though AEW is doing fine right now, they seem to be doing good and are making good matches I just do not know what will happen in the future.

Now let us go talk a bit about WWE, they are in an interesting spot right now, the choices they make could be a hit or miss. It is because of LA Knight the megastar, many YouTubers channels like Chris Van Vliet.  What culture wrestling has talked about is how this guy had become one of the biggest guys in wrestling entertainment history. But will this still be because at WWE’s next pay per view, Crown Jewel, LA Knight will face the head of the table and WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns for the championship. Now this is where the hit or miss could happen, do they have LA Kinight win the championship and reach his max of being the megastar or will they have him lose and all this build-up will lead up to nothing? The thing about this is I do not know because it can really go both ways right now, but we can be seeing some of the greatest things happening soon.

In WWE, AEW, or the greatest flops, who is to say right now because all you can do is when it comes down to what happens in the ring, and when we see the one, two, three, and the winner, but until then we will see you again on the next episode of Wrestling with DMD.

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Donovan Doyle, Photographer
Donovan Doyle is a photographer for The Voice, it's his third on the staff. In his free time, he will either play video games or go to the gym to work out. He also likes Star Wars, Marvel, and DC.

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