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Grab That Popcorn: Episode 2

Join photographer Lilly Cascone as she reviews “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.”

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” came out April 5, 2023.

It starts out with Bowser stealing the gold star that can give him all of the power needed to be the best. Then, we meet Mario and Luigi in New York, who are showing a commercial for their plumbing business. Not long after, they get a call from someone that needs their sink fixed.

At the job, Mario and Luigi get attacked by a dog that prevents them from fixing the sink. On the news, they saw a huge flood and decided to take a look for themselves. They went down into the sewer system, where they found a green pipe that took them each to different places.

Mario ended up in Mushroom Kingdom, while Luigi found himself in the depths of the dark lands under Bowser’s control. When Mario lands in Mushroom Kingdom, he meets a little mushroom man named Toad, and takes him to see the Princess, to convince her to help save Luigi from Bowser’s control. Mario tries to convince Princess Peach to let him come with her to stop Bowser and save his little brother from being hurt or worse, killed! She lets him go through an obstacle course so he can prove that he is worthy enough to come with on her mission.

Princess Peach made her final decision by letting Mario and Toad come along on her journey to stop Bowser. The first stop on her journey was to recruit the Kong Army all the way from Jungle Kingdom. While they’re on their journey, Luigi was found in the dark lands by some Shy Guy’s and put in a cage hanging over lava.

Mario and the Princess decide to recruit Donkey Kong along with his father to help defeat Bowser. Bowser threatened Princess Peach that if she didn’t marry him that he would use the star powerup that he stole at the beginning of the movie. She went through with the marriage but, little did he know, she was going to save everyone in cages hanging over lava.

Once everyone was saved, Mario stopped a Bullet Bill from going into the castle and led it towards the green pipe that goes back to New York. At the end Mario and Luigi defeated Bowser and moved to the Mushroom Kingdom; they also pursued their job as plumbers in the Kingdom.

Overall, I think this was a really good movie. I like how they incorporated different Super Mario games into a movie to create something that people of all ages can enjoy.

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Lilly Cascone
Lilly Cascone, Photographer
Lilly Cascone is one of the photographers for The Voice and it is her first year on staff. Lilly is in color guard as a part of the marching band. She likes photography and hanging out with her friends.

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