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Let’s Go Lego!

Join Emma as she takes a look into the “Hocus Pocus” LEGO set.

“Hocus Pocus” has always been a fun halloween movie to snuggle up with your friends and family for a movie night. But imagine having a LEGO movie night, watching “Hocus Pocus while building the Sanderson Sisters’ cottage. Even though it is the middle of January, I am always ready to rewatch “Hocus Pocus,” I just need a time and place.
The LEGO set is in the form of the Sanderson Sisters’ home, where most of the movie is filmed, there are many details in this set which would only be known to “Hocus Pocus” fans. The set contains 2,316 pieces, has six minifigures which included the Sanderson sisters (Sarah, Mary, and Winiferd), Allison Watts, Max and Dani Dennison, and Thackery Binx.
The set was very big, measuring at 11 inches height and 11 inches width, both sides of the roof opened up, and the back of the house opened up revealing the beauty of “Hocus Pocus.” There are two floors in the cottage, the bottom floor featuring the black flame, the spellbook, and a caldron that lights up. The top floor features the sister’s bed, skeletons in cages, and spells.
There were so many cool things about this LEGO set, it contained parts that light up and move. In the front of the cottage, there are stands where you can hold the characters for display purposes.
Building this LEGO set was a challenge because there were so many intricate details, that if missed the cottage would fall apart. Even though the tiny pieces added detail and imagination to the set they were easy to lose and hard to put back together, especially difficult if you have bad eyesight. The moving addition, turning the water wheel on the side of the cottage would make the flame move up and down, so the set was amazing to observe but difficult to put together.
If though this LEGO set did have its ups and downs, I would say that people should buy it because it has so many amazing details that only true “Hocus Pocus” fans would know!

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Emma Christenson
Emma Christenson, Managing Editor
Emma Christenson is a Managing Editor of The Voice, it's her second year on staff. In her free time, Emma watches movies, hangs out with her friends and boyfriend, and works on her collection of Lego figures. She loves anything involving her family, friends, and painting.

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