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Grab That Popcorn: Episode 3

Join Lilly as she describes the 2009 comedic romance movie “The Proposal.”

“The Proposal” was made in 2009, starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. It starts with the main character, Andrew Paxton, picking up coffee and running late for work. Margaret Tate is the editor-in-chief of a big New York publishing company. Everyone who works in her office is scared of her except for one of her writers, Bob Spalding, who stood up to her after she fired him. 

Margaret soon finds out from her bosses that she is being deported back to Canada. Being the person she is, Margaret has to think quickly so she doesn’t get deported. Tate told her bosses that she and Andrew were getting married, and they must get to the immigration office as soon as possible. Their deportation officer, Mr. Gilbertson, questioned if they were committing fraud just so she could keep her editor-in-chief job at Coldan Books. They explain to the officer that they are just going to see his family in Sitka, Alaska. 

When they get to the house, they find out that his mother planned a welcome party for the “couple.” After a bit of time mingling with people at the party, Andrew announces to his family that he and Margaret are engaged. Andrew then volunteers Margaret to tell the untrue story of how they got engaged. With some lie-telling and interruptions, they get to the end of their “proposal” story. One of Andrew’s friends tells them to kiss because he is trying to be funny, but they have to kiss three different times to make it seem believable. 

Once the party ends, they settle in and go to their room. Margaret thought that they would be in separate rooms, but have to act like an engaged couple. To do so, they had to share a room, and Margaret got the bed while Andrew slept on the floor. The next morning, Margaret wakes up to find out that Grace and Grandma Annie are taking her shopping, sightseeing, and have a little surprise for her at the end of the night that she wasn’t expecting. 

That same night, they were joking around getting to know each other a little better before falling asleep. The next morning, they were woken up by his parents and Grandma Annie proposing the idea of having their wedding at the house the very next day. After they talked about it, everyone left the room. Andrew was freaking out about the fact that their marriage is a sham, and his mother will be crushed that their marriage is fake just so Margaret could keep her job as editor-in-chief. 

After Margaret has an encounter with Grandma Annie in the woods, she and Andrew head into town to pick up her new phone. Grace and Annie run into Andrew and Margaret when they are in town so Margaret can get fitted in her wedding dress. 

Margaret and Andrew are finally about to be married, but she gives up and confesses that she is about to be deported if she doesn’t marry Andrew. Margaret heads back to New York to pack up her things and go home to Canada. Andrew chases Margaret back to New York because he has feelings for her. They both confessed their love and went through the whole immigration process again, but for real this time. 

This romantic comedy is one of my new favorites. It is so funny and has one of the best endings to a movie. Margaret and Andrew had a very rocky relationship at the beginning but soon realized they were meant for each other, and I love how this movie portrays that.

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Lilly Cascone
Lilly Cascone, Photographer
Lilly Cascone is one of the photographers for The Voice and it is her first year on staff. Lilly is in color guard as a part of the marching band. She likes photography and hanging out with her friends.

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