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Hollywood’s new blockbuster

Dune 2 comes to theaters
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Dune 2 is the biggest blockbuster film in theaters right now and is the perfect movie to see if you are looking for a thrilling science-fiction film.

I would highly recommend watching the first film in the series, which was released in 2021, due to the incredibly dense, political story. However, the stunning visuals and gigantic action scenes deeply immerse all audiences into the world of Arrakis.

Dune 2 picks up right where its predecessor left off with Paul Atreides joining forces with the Fremen, trying to gain their trust and slowly learning how to survive in the harsh conditions of Arrakis.

Paul’s mother, Lady Jessica, is with him and they both have become freedom fighters against the Harkonen who are seeking to take back spice production on the desert planet. 

The entire atmosphere of this movie…pun intended, makes you believe that you are there with the characters in every scene. From the Fremen draining every last drop of water from the inside of the enemies they had just slain, to the large metallic collectors that harvest sand deposits for the precious spice melange that flows across the planet’s surface.

The skirmishes between Fremen troops and Harkonnen soldiers are very reminiscent of the tactics the Vietcong used in the Vietnam War as every fight happens in hand-to-hand combat and surprise ambushes help Fremin troops gain the upper hand in every fight. The action is brutal and guerilla in planning and gory execution.

Chani (Zendaya) and Paul’s (Timothee Chalamet) relationship starts off as young love and flourishes into a beautifully passionate bond between two people. Yet, it comes off naturally and feels like a real love story built from mutual respect earned while facing everything this harsh lifestyle throws at them.

This movie will definitely service both the average moviegoer and the hardcore science-fiction fans who have read every novel in the Dune series. However, I did find that at points the story did get a bit blurry in tone and plot, and I was struggling to follow along; yet the two-hour and forty-six-minute run time felt like it flew by after the movie was over.

Overall, I enjoyed watching this movie and seeing this world come to life. I would recommend it to anyone looking for everything a blockbuster film should be.

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