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Let’s go LEGO!

Join Emma as she discusses a LEGO set full of succulents!

The botanical collection for LEGO has been an amazing idea and has made the company millions of dollars just based on this one collection. It all started with a cute wildflower set that got popular off of TikTok. Many people start to buy more of this set which is what created the botanical collection. The set we are talking about today has been an addition to that collection. 

LEGO has come out with many amazing sets for 2024, one of them being the set we are reviewing today called “Tiny Plants.” There are nine plants in the set, the types of plants are jade plant, false shamrock, laceleaf, venus flytrap, red sundew, pitcher plant, succulents, and a prickly pear. Overall, there are 758 pieces in the set, made for 18+, and costs 50 dollars. The set comes with three instructions each discussing using three different types of plants. Each of the plants come with a brown cup already made for you and the plants vary in size. The instructions contain one big, one medium, and one small plant so customers can stay on their toes!

Overall, this is an amazing set if you want something easy and not difficult whatsoever. But the price did seem a little high because it was a very small project and was not hard whatsoever. Some things I like about the set are that all of the plants looked beautiful in the end. I love looking at these lego sets on my shelves everyday I wake up, they add character and depth into a living space. 

Some changes that I would make to the set would be to make the pots a different color or I wished that you could have made them. But the plants themselves had an amazing look to them. I wished that the plants would have been more difficult to make, but for a beginner it is an easy set but I would not tell people to buy it because of the money. 

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Emma Christenson
Emma Christenson, Managing Editor
Emma Christenson is a Managing Editor of The Voice, it's her second year on staff. In her free time, Emma watches movies, hangs out with her friends and boyfriend, and works on her collection of Lego figures. She loves anything involving her family, friends, and painting.

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