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Challenging her norm

New movie, “Challengers,” features Zendaya pursuing a role that many did not expect of her.
Challengers movie cover from MGM Studios featuring Zendaya.
MGM Studios
“Challengers” movie cover from MGM Studios featuring Zendaya.

The movie “Challengers” was released Friday, April 26, with movie star Zendaya portraying a character most are not used to seeing her perform. As the theater filled, the excitement only grew as people eagerly waited for the previews to end. 

The movie is R-rated and contains content that may require anyone under 18 to be accompanied by an adult who is 21 or older. With the movie’s opening scene being in the middle of a tennis tournament, the tension within the movie starts high. 

Tashi, played by Zendaya, is a former tennis player who pursues a career in coaching for her husband who has become a world champion. 

Throughout the movie, Tashi’s husband starts to gain a losing streak. In response, Tashi puts him to the challenge by having him play in the “challenger” event. 

The challenger event is not just any event, it’s a pro tour competition in which many tennis players compete. The audience is often given multiple perspectives of how Donaldson, one of the main characters, comes to fame, and how his marriage with Tashi has evolved. 

“Challengers” is one of those movies that keeps the audience on their toes with lots of twists and changes of events throughout the film. 

Budget-wise, $55 million was used to create this intense, yet entertaining movie. With superstar Zendaya in the cast, she was paid $10 million for her role in the film alone. 

Zendaya’s name has only grown as she appears in more and more series along with already starring in30 movies or shows. Her rise to fame has brought her major success, making her net worth $22 million. Her name has helped other actors like Mike Faist, known in the movie as Donaldson, and John O’Connor, who plays Patrick, to better get their names out in the open for an increasingly competitive industry.

With Zendaya being the star of the film, the movie trailer had over 150 million global views but was unfortunately rated with a disappointing 2.7 stars out of 5. Most viewers described Zendaya’s role as confusing and disappointing since it was a big change to see her play such a sexual role, but that does not mean the movie itself was horrible. The film is still out in theatres and deserves to be considered.

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