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Girls swimming sinks against Jacobs


The loudest cheers you will ever hear can be heard from a place you would never expect: a girls swim meet.

And as the final event began to wind down, the very last leg of the Huntley relay, pulled ahead for a last second win, touching the side first by a narrow margin.

But upon further review, Huntley was disqualified because of a false start.

Jacobs won: 84-91

Huntley took to the Dundee Recreational Facility to challenge Jacobs, who is the powerhouse and current leader in the conference. Jacobs was posed to crush Huntley again, remaining undefeated against the Raiders.

“We usually lose by 20 points,” said junior Ali Cazel. “So to lose by only 7 is pretty good.”

The meet began with numerous Huntley victories. Senior Chanel Curtis’ pace setting time in the 50 Meter Freestyle (0:29.59) and Ali Cazel’s 200 Meter Freestyle win (2:21).

“Chanel is definitely one of our better swimmers,” said George Keenan, head coach. “She knows how to win.”

But as the meet wore on, Jacobs began to take a larger lead.

Still, coming into the final event of the evening, Huntley seemed in striking distance to reclaim the lead and the victory.

While a disqualification left Huntley demoralized, it would not have affected the final score enough to give Huntley the edge.

And even though Huntley lost, there ability to challenge Jacobs was enough.

“I’m pretty surprised,” said senior Natalie Rodriguez. “This is the closest we have ever gotten to beating Jacobs.”

Huntley has won some of its’ first ever conference matches this year, so any close matchup or narrow victory is all the more exciting.

“We are 2-1 in conference right now,” said Keenan. “So we have made some major, unexpected, improvements.”

So a loss is not exactly a negative.

Because after all, this is a rebuilding year.

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