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Marching band finishes successsful season


Marching band has finished their competitive season with a majority of their finishes placing in the top four. While marching band actively performs during the home sporting events, they compete as well. Marching band coach and band teacher, Nick Konwerksi, has allowed these students to delve into their musical talents.

Senior Dalton Macari began band in the sixth grade playing the tuba.

“I really want to do it in college” said Macari.

In a society where sports get more attention than the arts, Konwerski tries to instill love and respect for the musical arts into his students.

“Marching band can be hard, there’s a lot you need to pay attention too” said Macari.

Compared to the regular band, the marching bands members have to know their instrument better and completely memorize the music.

Unlike other sports where you get a certain number of points, then you win, in marching band, the scoring is very subjective.

“One weekend we had two different competitions. We performed the same piece, the second day as we did the first day. The band and I would say we performed better the second day, however we got a lower score on that competition” said Konwerski.

Due to the subjective nature of the scoring of the marching band competitions, instead of focusing the practice around what they needed to do to win, Konwerski puts the emphasis on improvement.

“We can’t control how other bands are going to perform” said Konwerski.  “The only thing we can control is how well we perform”

It all comes back to Konswerski’s overall coaching technique to why the marching band at HHS has consistently performed well and achieved accolades.

“Every year is different, however this has been one of the better years” said Konwerski

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