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Raider Nation for the win


As the wind blows against the faces of Huntley High School students, they stand anxiously in the bleachers watching the game to see if the varsity football team will defeat prairie Ridge at the much anticipated homecoming game. The students are the most excited they have ever been to have the new Raider Nation section.

Fridays are no longer ordinary Friday night football games. Along with the new football field came a new Raider Nation section. The new stand fits up to 2,000 students surpassing the old section that only fit around 900 students.

Students no longer need to overcome the struggle of straining their neck to obtain a good view of the action on the field. Now students can clearly see the Raider Nation leaders. Having the leaders visible this year has helped make cheers more organized, and easier for everyone to get involved. Which is exactly what Athletic Director Michelle Jakubowski had hoped for. In order to be involved in a game fans need to be able to see the game.

“The Raider Nation section is a great way to bring the student body together,” said Jakubowski.

Not only has the size of the section increased, but also the amount of people attending games. The bigger the crowd, the more beneficial it will be for the school spirit. The expansion is a big reason why people are more likely to attend games.

“So far we have had a good amount of people showing up to support the soccer and football games,” said Jakubowski.

The bigger the crowds are, the more beneficial it is towards the school’s spirit.

“I love the Raider Nation section this year because it feels like we (the students) come together more when everyone can be involved at the games,” said senior Zoe Dowell.

There are a few reasons why the Raider Nation section made the swap this year. The main reason the Raider Nation section was switched to being in the bleachers is because the student leaders asked to have it switched.

“I try to do whatever the students ask me to do, if I can,” said Jakubowski.

Improvements are being made at each game in order to prove that moving Raider Nation Section off the field was a right choice, and to provide the students with an enjoyable time. To step it up a notch, the new Raider Nation section has added signs letting the crowd know what cheers will happen next.

Some students may debate that being on the bleachers was not the best choice because now we are closer to parents, but having everyone on the bleachers together proves not only is our student body a whole, but that the community is there to support us as well.

The Raider Nation section is a place where you forget anything bad that happened in the last week, a time to remember all the good that happened this week, and a place where you create new memories while supporting our high school’s sport team playing that night.

“The section is for the school spirit, and it’s for the students,” said Jakubowski.

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