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Scholastic Bowl so close to victory


imageOn Tuesday Dec. 10, Huntley’s Scholastic Bowl had its second meet at Cary Grove High School. Varsity members thrummed with calm energy as they took the seats facing their first opponent, Woodstock. A quick introduction and then trivial questions soon flowed from varsity coach, Samantha Schaefer. Question after question, buzz after buzz, Huntley answered them all with a final score of 475-45.

The team’s victory held true to the motto printed on their new shirts.  They are jet black with white letters proudly stamped “Keep Calm and Buzz In”.

The final round was a duel between the host school. Fingers twitched and pencils scribbled, but unfortunately Huntley did not bring much justice to the motto. The result was 85-380. There would be no third round like usual to break the tie for Huntley’s win-lose score.

Cary Grove was a tough competitor, well established and knowledgable. A good natured team that Huntley hopes to defeat in the near future.

“Although we lost one, we are still doing very well,” said Schaefer.  “Our goal is to win two matches out of three at every mega match.”

The Scholastic Bowl’s future not only involves bright goals but bright students as well. This year the team is at its largest with 12 varsity members and almost 20 JV members, mostly freshman.

The team will continue to work on content such as literature, math, etc., to answer more questions.

“Hopefully we will continue to win matches so that we can attend the Fox Valley Conference Title in February,” said Schaefer.

The next competition will be in January.

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