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With technology being the basis of our education, trouble with connection causes many obstacles throughout the day.

Wi-Fi issues become more prominent

Students and staff are experiencing extreme highs and lows with Wi-Fi in the building.
By Serafina Druetta
December 10, 2021

Wi-Fi can be an issue throughout many places when attempting to load assignments, or contact teachers and family. Throughout Huntley High School, Wi-Fi...

Students reap the benefits of this new time-efficient process (R. Habel)

The new Chromebook loaner system is a great addition to HHS

The help desk increase availability for both students and teachers
By Rae Habel
October 22, 2021

At least once in a student's life, they have a rough morning and forget to bring their Chromebook to school or just simply forgot to charge it. This tiny...

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