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Teachers need to enact email policies to ensure communication.

Student-teacher communication needs work

Students are upset about the lack of timely email responses from faculty members.
By Sienna Robertson
March 8, 2023

A student in class listens to their teacher explain an upcoming summative assessment. When the student gets home, they suddenly realize they have a question...

Old cameras were moved to locations that needed greater coverage, while the new cameras record heavily trafficked areas like the west wing.

Strike a pose! New cameras fix security blind spots

360 degree cameras added to central gym, hallways
By Hunter Brown
January 26, 2022

As the year goes on, the staff of the school are always making improvements for the school for the people in the school. This year, like every year, the...

With technology being the basis of our education, trouble with connection causes many obstacles throughout the day.

Wi-Fi issues become more prominent

Students and staff are experiencing extreme highs and lows with Wi-Fi in the building.
By Serafina Druetta
December 10, 2021

Wi-Fi can be an issue throughout many places when attempting to load assignments, or contact teachers and family. Throughout Huntley High School, Wi-Fi...

Students reap the benefits of this new time-efficient process (R. Habel)

The new Chromebook loaner system is a great addition to HHS

The help desk increase availability for both students and teachers
By Rae Habel
October 22, 2021

At least once in a student's life, they have a rough morning and forget to bring their Chromebook to school or just simply forgot to charge it. This tiny...

Working within the core of the community

Working within the core of the community

By Rayne Zilch
November 7, 2020

Cathy Youngquist is a member of the Huntley community and plays a big role in the finance for Del Webb. “I do a lot of sitting at my computer. I analyze...

The Huntley Fire District app helps improve safety in Huntley community

The “Huntley Fire District” app helps improve safety in Huntley community

By Ayman Mirkhan
February 24, 2020

Helping the community. A deed in which every individual wants to contribute to. No effort is too small or large and every selfless act is significant to...

Jamie Beymer accesses the schools Wi-Fi (J. Cristo)

School-wide Wi-Fi starting next school year

By Franca Onyibor
February 1, 2012

 School-wide Wi-Fi has become a theme in schools around the nation and as of next year, Huntley High School will be hopping on the band wagon. Currently,...

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