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Keys n Krates keep strong with new album

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Keys n Krates keep strong with new album

Sarah Biernat

Hi, my name is Sarah Biernat, and parties cause me great anxiety. A group any bigger than half a dozen people makes me want to crawl in a hole, so the possibilities of seeing me out at a rave are very slim.

I have worked around human interaction by jamming out to trap EDM when I’m locked in my room. As an escape, (please read as Dory from “Finding Nemo,”) from reality, the 2008 trio Keys N Krates has become an outlet.

As hip-hop has turned towards trap for a psychedelic, “harder” sound, it has all come circle. From the beginning, Keys N Krates adapted to changes from the typical trap vibe; incorporating rap, hip-hop, and even horns are among the amazing concoctions they produce. Their newest release, “Cura,” isn’t a letdown.

With a calm demeanor, “Inicio” has a steady beat, and with the use of horns, adds more volume (in relations to sound and area coverage). As a sound with hip-hop roots, the repetitive, lyric-less, vibe is keen on being a party banger. It’s a staple for a playlist or set.

Transitioning to an upbeat melody, the second track, that features Canadian rapper Tory Lanez, Lanez’s higher pitched, almost feminine, voice compliments the song well in respect to the underlying beat he’s versing over. The repetitive, simplistic, nature of Keys N Krates’ work makes for a clean slate; taking risks or going above what would be deemed as practical for an otherwise complicated foundation has never been an issue, and isn’t on “Music To My Ears.”  

As the album progresses onward, a heavier atmosphere is built up with more club-like tunes. After an interlude comes a melodic “Glitter” with singer Ambre Perkins. For a lack of words, it sounds like an amped up Disclosure song, and it’s dance and trip worthy, literally and figuratively. I haven’t dabbled with drugs, but I can imagine it’s something the stereotypical druggie would chill around with on.

Put this on, chill out, and relax. “Cura” is another impressive project from Keys N Krates. 


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Keys n Krates keep strong with new album