The Red Raiders’ Boys Bowling Team Falls to St. Charles North


Danielle Rhody

The Red Raiders’ boys bowling team team lost to the St. Charles North Stars on Dec. 4.

The team was led by junior Joseph Kern, with a total of 636 pins, sophomore Jerik Alcasid, with a total of 628 pins, and junior Ethan Babicz, with a total of 564 pins. Kern and Alcasid both had two games where they scored over 200 pins. For varsity, they ended with a total of 2,868 pins, while St. Charles ended with 3,140.

Even though the outcome was not what the team was hoping for, the team still had fun. They were joking around, and just bonding with each other.

According to Alcasid, the team meets up and goes bowling outside of practices, just for fun.

During the practices leading up to this game, coach Wiegand has been stressing a couple parts of the game.

“We focused on spares, and covering whatever they have up there if they are not striking. The other thing that we focused on is the comradery amongst each other, so supporting and making sure they aren’t playing on their phones. Just supporting each other as a team,” coach Wiegand said.

Unlike other sports, there is not a way in bowling to make a game plan for different teams.

“Each team does bring their own challenges, but ultimately, if we go out and execute our game the best that we can, then that’s all we can do. With bowling, we have to go out an execute on our shots and cover our spares. If we do that more so than the other team, nine times out of ten we will come out with the win,” coach Weigand said.

Alcasid’s older brothers have been on the team before him. Alcasid mentioned how playing with his brother Jesse last season inspired him.

“He helped everyone. I will always look up to him, no matter what. I will always think about what he says to me, ‘which is find the wall, and ride it’. Just bowl and have fun,” Alcasid said.

The team’s next meet is Thursday, Dec. 6th, against Glake North.