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No puppies were harmed in the making of this puppy chow


The sound of rushing water and the smell of scented green Joy hand soap into hands that have touched many germ-infested desks throughout the day. Paper towels were then dispersed to dripping wet hands. Aprons were tied along the backs of some of the messier bakers to ensure that their clothes would not be ruined. The ingredients were set out and they were ready to start.

With the powered sugar sprinkling over the rice cereal and the smell of melting chocolate in the air, the Baking Club made up tiny little masterpieces of sugary goodness, puppy chow.

Each group of young bakers made up a different recipe of the commonly appreciated snack such as Cookies and Cream, Nutella, and the original recipe of Puppy Chow. Baking Club decided to bake this type of treat at their last meeting.

One of the recipes includes semi-sweet chocolate morsels, premier white morsels, unsalted sticks of butter, creamy peanut butter, Oreos, powdered sugar, and imitation vanilla flavoring.

“I’m going to eat Puppy Chow for the first time today,” said senior ¬†Danielle Iniguez. “I hope it turns out good.”

While one baker melted chocolate on the stove, the other parts of team mixed together powdered sugar and the rice cereal. One group had to use toasted corn cereal because Walmart ran out of the rice cereal.

“I like eating handfuls of it,” said junior ¬†Matt Clemetsen. “It’s so tasty.”

To make cookies and cream puppy chow, a set of Oreos needed to be crushed down to make it crunchy, but not powdery. Bakers separately made two different bowls of puppy chow, one that would contain white chocolate morsels and the other semi-sweet. After being mixed individually, they are combined to form one big batch of Puppy Chow.




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