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Devin Martin, supernaturalist

Courtesy of D. Martin

I love to read, but I love to watch movies, too. Mainly sci-fi and horror. I like to listen to music, mainly electronic dance. My favorite artist is Calvin Harris. I once tried to produce my own mix and it turned out really bad, oh my gosh. That’s why I stick to writing.

Courtesy of D. Martin
Courtesy of D. Martin

I really love “Harry Potter.” I actually didn’t really like reading until I read “Harry Potter.” My mom recommended it to me and I was like, “You know what, I’m gonna start [reading].” My favorite place is Hogwarts. Hermione is my favorite character. I simply love the plot. It’s so creative.

[My interests are] mostly horror. All horror. I love, love, love Stephen King, he is my favorite [author]. My favorite of his books is “Carrie.”

I really want to be an author. I love writing. I also wanna be a director. I love writing and watching movies and music and things. They’re like my escape, you know?

I really want to move to New York City when I’m older. It’s just seems like the perfect place. I see myself there. I see myself just trying to make the most of everything and having the best time when I’m [in NYC].

If I had one million dollars, I would travel the world, especially Paris. Life is not meant to be lived in one area. I would go as far as I could go in the given time.

I see myself as hardworking, and passionate, and just an all-around great person. I love everybody. I don’t really judge people, and I always admire the strengths in people in general.

My parents do make a huge impact in my life and the choices I make. Also the music I listen to, and the movies I watch, and the books I read help shape who I am and the things I do.
School also defines who I am. My school and the teachers that I have shape who I am. I learn so much from my teachers and from my classes, and I take what I learn and build steps to it and I just don’t stop giving up on what I’m learning.

School is one of those things that you just have to do your best in it because education is like the future. Without it, there is not really a good chance of you going further in life.
I think I have the ability to see things like ghosts because I was born premature, but that’s just what I think. I think I might be psychic, too. I remember that there was this one time that I turned the TV on and then I just went to bed in the basement. I woke up around two in the morning, and I went to find the remote and it was on the floor and I went to dig for it. I heard a noise and it, like, literally scared the crap out of me. I ran off the couch, and went to turn the light on. I couldn’t find the light switch, I knew where it was but I couldn’t feel it. I don’t know why, but I left a door open in my basement and all I could see was this guy in this all white suit, and it was really weird. And he would not stop looking at me. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, and my family was all asleep upstairs. I finally turned the lights on and he was still there. I kept screaming, “Go away! Go away!” and eventually he slowly went away. In the morning at like breakfast time, I asked my family if they heard me scream, and they couldn’t.

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